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Northern Allegheny
Outdoor Women's Association

Women's Outdoor Workshops

Saturday, May 31, 2025 
at Chapman State Park


The NAOWA team is the host and creator of this day-long women’s event called Women’s Outdoor Workshops! (WOW!).  WOW! is designed to be a fun day for women to try new things, brush up on old skills and meet new people.  We are excited to bring this opportunity to you and sincerely hope you will join us on May 31st for the twentieth annual WOW! Event!


For more information on registration and cost, please download the registration form below!


Basic Car Care: Learn from a PATIENT expert on basics in caring for your car: changing a tire, monitoring tire wear, how to check important fluid levels, when and how to change wiper blades and just what all those warning lights mean! 

Biking the Trails: With our local Jakes Rocks trail selected as Pennsylvania’s Trail of the Year, this class is perfect for anyone looking to take up biking on trails. From beginners to seasoned riders, learn about trail safety, riding and equipment tips, trails to try, biking organizations and more. You will be riding a bike. Bikes and helmets will be provided but you’re always welcome to bring your own. 

Bird Watching: Join our expert birder as he helps identify common birds in a variety of Chapman habitats, with emphasis on local breeding birds of the season. You’ll be taking a Bird Walk, and with luck, you’ll see an osprey or eagle! He’ll also give tips on the selection/use of binoculars and other equipment (feel free to bring your own), plus suggestions for local bird watching areas. 


Cardio Percussion: Are you looking to learn a new and fun way to get active? This is a fun and invigorating class that incorporates, drumming and cardio for a great workout that will keeping you smiling and healthy. 

Create a Painting in 30 strokes: Embark on a creative journey as you create a painting in just 30 strokes. While it sounds challenging, you’ll discover it is incredibly rewarding. You’ll create your own masterpiece capturing the beauty and joy around you. 


Disc Golf: (also called frisbee golf) Whether you want to get seriously competitive or just be the sandbagger at your next party, you want to take this class. Learn about the types of equipment used, options for play, where to play, how to play and more! 

Felt Animal Making: Learn the popular art of felting live and in-person. That’s right, you will not only see the project being done, but craft your own little animal to take home. This new skill will keep giving when you make unique gifts for family and friends. **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies. ** 

Fly Casting: The most important skill in Fly Fishing. If you can’t present the fly to the fish, then success will allude you! We will practice the 3 casting skills every novice Flyfisher needs to know – the Overhead cast, the False cast, and the Roll cast. We will also introduce the key line management skills, how to strip line in and shoot line back out. 


Fishing Lure Making: Learn to make your own lures and use the common fishing knots that you’ll learn and soon you will be able to catch the big fish with your very own creative inline spinner lure that everyone will be in awe of! 


Hot Backpacking Meals: Build your own Buddy Burner and learn how to prepare lightweight backpacking meals to cook on the trail or when camping with your family. 

Knot Tying: Learn all the basic knots and tying skills that you need for everyday life. Helpful hints for household projects, camping, tying down loads and more. 

Native Plants: Curious about native plants? What they are, what they look like, how can you find sees, and WHY do people keep going on about pollinators? Here’s your chance to learn about native plants and even to take some home with you. 


Natural Bug Repellant: Do you want to spray or rub a bunch of chemicals you can’t even pronounce on your skin? I know, I won’t. Join our instructor who has researched a homemade formula using natural butters and oils to create a very efficient bug repellant. Learn how to make your own and even leave with a sample, list of materials and instructions to continue at home. 


Nature Journaling: Lean how to document your outdoor adventures with a nature journal of your very own. You will learn the basics of sketching, making observations, phenology, and showing examples. You will leave this class not only knowing how to journal but you also have an entry started in your journal. 


Nature Weaving: The magic of weaving will come alive with learning to nature weave. Learn how to make a wall hanging with flowers, grasses, seeds, sticks, shells, or anything from nature. Feel free to bring your own treasures to use in your weaving project! 


Pickleball: The latest craze to get you out socializing, exercising and have fun. This class will help you understand everything from the rules and how to get started to fun strategies to beat your besties! 

Rabbits 101: Ever thought of raising rabbits on your homestead and not sure what you need to get started? This is a basic overview of what to expect. We will go over how to select a breed, where to purchase, housing, feeding, and care. 


Rainwater for Gardening & Fertilizer Teas: Learn about collecting rainwater from building structures for gardening. Learn to install fittings in food grade barrels and 275-gallon totes for use in garden landscapes and how to install a downspout water collection kit. The instructor will also discuss how to make “fertilizer teas” for your garden plants. Each participant will be provided with “Comfrey” to take home and start their own “tea”. (2 barrels and 2 downspout kits will be available on the auction table) 


Running Skills for Women: Do you like to run or jog? Would you like to start? Take this class to learn about running, specifically as it pertains to women. You’ll cover safety, proper equipment, types of running, event and so much more. 

Shooting Sports: If you have never handled or shot a firearm or are looking for help to "fine-tune" your shooting skills, this is for you. You will have an opportunity to shoot shotguns, rifles, or handguns. You'll be able to ask questions about "Personal Protection", "Concealed Carry" and more. You have the option to "Shoot" or "Not to Shoot" and we encourage you to openly discuss proper and safe handling of all firearms. **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies.** 


Sun Printing: Botanical Cyanotypes: Create art, enjoy nature, and learn about a famous woman in history. This class will introduce you to the process of creating photographs using daylight on specially treated photosensitive paper. Create a greeting card to share this unique art with others. 

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