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Northern Allegheny
Outdoor Women's Association

Women's Outdoor Workshops

Saturday, June 3, 2023 
at Chapman State Park


The NAOWA team is the host and creator of this day-long women’s event called Women’s Outdoor Workshops! (WOW!).  WOW! is designed to be a fun day for women to try new things, brush up on old skills and meet new people.  We are excited to bring this opportunity to you and sincerely hope you will join us on June 3th for the ninth annual WOW! Event!


For more information on registration and cost, please download the registration form below!



2023 WOW!  Class Choices and Descriptions

Apple Tree Pruning/Planting & Care: Join our expert Gardner to learn the proper pruning techniques, as well as root stock selection, site preparation, planting techniques, fencing, purchasing, soil test, liming and fertilizing.  This will be a hands-on demonstration.

Basic Car Care: Learn from a PATIENT expert on basics in caring for your car: changing a tire, monitoring tire wear, how to check important fluid levels, when and how to change wiper blades and just what all those warning lights mean!

Bird Watching: Join our expert birder as he helps identify common birds in a variety of Chapman habitats, with emphasis on local breeding birds of the season. You’ll be taking a Bird Walk, and with luck, you’ll see an osprey or eagle! He’ll also give tips on the selection/use of binoculars and other equipment (feel free to bring your own), plus suggestions for local bird watching areas.

Blacksmithing:  This is a classic blacksmithing class in which you will be guided in creating your own hanging hook from a metal bar. Safety equipment will be provided. (Note: if you are averse to heat, this is not for you.)

Cardio Percussion: Are you looking to learn a new and fun way to get active?  This is a fun and invigorating class that incorporates, drumming and cardio for a great workout that will keeping you smiling and healthy.

Chickens 101: thinking about raising some chickens and not sure what it entails?  This is the class for you.   You will learn about the different breeds, how to care and raise them.  Learn about free range vs caged.  Do you really need a rooster?   Come and find out.

Felt Animal Making: Learn the popular art of felting live and in-person. That’s right, you will not only see the project being done, but have the opportunity to craft a little animal to take home.  This new skill will keep giving when you are able to make unique gifts for your family and friends. **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies. **​​ 

Fly Fishing Introduction:  Catch ‘em on a fly!  Practice basic fly-casting techniques and learn about equipment, aquatic insects, and fly selection. Participants will be introduced to the art and science of fly-fishing and discover places to fish in the Allegheny National Forest.

Fly Fishing on a Trout Stream: Learn how to approach the water, pick a fly, figure out where fish might be, and then learn how to cast and present the fly to be most successful!   We will touch on how to fish Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Nymphs and Streamers.

Foil Box Cooking: Sure, you know how to cook in your own kitchen, but how about outside in a foil box?  In this class you will learn how assemble a box and then what and how to cook things in it.   Of course, we will get to sample all the yummies that you make. 

Kayaking: Learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to be safe on the water and enjoy kayaking.  Topics include safety, equipment, preparation, strokes, maneuvering and much more. You’ll get to try your skills on Chapman Lake!

Knot Tying: Learn all the basic knots and tying skills that you need for everyday life. Helpful hints for household projects, camping, tying down loads

Nature Impressions Jewelry: This fun, creative workshop involves searching for interesting natural objects in the area and using them to press into clay to create the design. Using simple shapes and tools, we will then cut out a shape, bake the clay, glaze the finished piece, and then use it to make a necklace. 

Nature Journaling: Lean how to document your outdoor adventures with a nature journal of your very own.  You will learn the basics of sketching, making observations, phenology, and showing examples.  You will leave this class not only knowing how to journal but you also have an entry started in your journal.

Rag Rug Making: Old clothes, sheets, curtains? Don't throw them away...make rugs, place mats, chair pads! Super easy process with no sewing, braiding, or crochet knowledge necessary.

Shooting Sports: If you have never handled or shot a firearm or are looking for help to "fine-tune" your shooting skills, this is for you. You will have an opportunity to shoot shotguns, rifles, or handguns. You'll be able to ask questions about "Personal Protection", "Concealed Carry" and more. You have the option to "Shoot" or "Not to Shoot" and we encourage you to openly discuss proper and safe handling of all firearms.  **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies.**​​ 

Sun Printing: Botanical Cyanotypes: Create art, enjoy nature, and learn about a famous woman in history. This class will introduce you to the process of creating photographs using daylight on specially treated photosensitive paper.  Create a greeting card to share this unique art with others.

Watercolor Bookmark Painting: Come enjoy the experience of painting in the great outdoors with watercolors. This a medium that can be mastered by all. You will be guided on the basic techniques while creating your own bookmark masterpiece. You will be surprised at what you can do!

Women’s Self Defense Class: Learn the art of self-defense from a professional.  This is a hands-on class to get you started down the path of being confident and equipped with the skills needed to protect yourself.

Yo-Yoing: Looking for something fun that will bring a smile to your face and that of others, then this yo-yo session of for you. Not only will this be fun but it is good exercise.   Bring your next hike to a new level when you bring what you learned out on the trails.  Learn from a professional and with your new yo-yo you will be able to continue to practice at home.

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