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Northern Allegheny
Outdoor Women's Association

Women's Outdoor Workshops

Saturday, June 4, 2022 
at Chapman State Park


The NAOWA team is the host and creator of this day-long women’s event called Women’s Outdoor Workshops! (WOW!).  WOW! is designed to be a fun day for women to try new things, brush up on old skills and meet new people.  We are excited to bring this opportunity to you and sincerely hope you will join us on June 4th for the eighth annual WOW! Event!


For more information on registration and cost, please download the registration form below!



2022 WOW!  Class Choices and Descriptions

Basic Car Care: Learn from a PATIENT expert on basics in caring for your car: changing a tire, monitoring tire wear, how to check important fluid levels, when and how to change wiper blades and just what all those warning lights mean!

Bird Watching: Join our expert birder as he helps identify common birds in a variety of Chapman habitats, with emphasis on local breeding birds of the season. You’ll be taking a Bird Walk, and with luck, you’ll see an osprey or eagle! He’ll also give tips on the selection/use of binoculars and other equipment (feel free to bring your own), plus suggestions for local bird watching areas.

Blacksmithing:  This is a classic blacksmithing class in which you will be guided in creating your own hanging hook from a metal bar. Safety equipment will be provided. (Note: if you are averse to heat, this is not for you.)

Building Vertical Gardens:  Learn how to construct a Vertical Garden (VG).  We will also talk about soils, soil amenities and types of garden seeds to plant in a VG garden.  VG’s have a huge advantage over flat gardening beds. At the end of the day the VG will be auctioned off.

Cellphone Photography in the Wild: Put your cellphone to good use learning how to take outdoor photos and capture scenes in a whole new light. You’ll learn a few tricks of the trade while discovering your "inner photographer" in this hands-on course. Bring your own smartphone.

Cheapskate Gardening: Learn money saving tips and create landscape art and useful items from "junk" laying round your home or stuffed in an attic. You will be taking home a small unique garden that will highlight your creative personality. **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies**

Crocheting: This basic beginning crocheting class includes an introduction to crocheting and its terminology. You’ll create a sampler of dishcloth stitches approximately 5 x 5 inches using dishcloth cotton (and take home your crochet hook, too!) **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies**

Fly Fishing Introduction:  Catch ‘em on a fly!  Practice basic fly-casting techniques and learn about equipment, aquatic insects, and fly selection. Participants will be introduced to the art and science of fly-fishing and discover places to fish in the Allegheny National Forest.

Fly Fishing Advanced: How to fish a stream for trout. Join Fly Fishing Coach Gary Kell in learning the 3 basic fly-fishing strategies:  dry fly, wet fly, and nymphs.  Learn where fish lie in a stream, how to pick a fly, and how to fish it.

Hula Hooping:  Find out what the new “hula” hooping craze is all about! Start by decorating a smaller off-body hoop, then use it to explore the world of off body hooping. You’ll learn a choreographed flow from our combined hoop tricks. No experience necessary. **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies**

Kayaking: Learn the basic knowledge and skills needed to be safe on the water and enjoy kayaking.  Topics include safety, equipment, preparation, strokes, maneuvering and much more. You’ll get to try your skills on Chapman Lake!

Knitting:  This beginning knitting class includes an intro to knitting and its terminology. We’ll learn a simple cast on, and the knit and purl stitch in 'English style' knitting. (If time permits, we’ll also learn the long tail cast on, which is more advanced.) You’ll leave with a set of needles and the beginning of a beautiful cotton dishcloth that you can complete at home. **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies**

Knots and More: Join our super Rope Bridge Builders to learn the basic knots and tying skills that you need for everyday life. Helpful hints for household projects, camping, tying down loads AND building a giant, real-life rope bridge.

Mountain Biking: Participants will learn about bikes, local trails, and biking organizations, then take a ride on one of the park trails. Bikes and helmets will be provided. (If you have your own mountain bike, bring it along!)

Native American Holistic Medicine: Rooted in the Medicine Wheel, this class discusses methods for living a holistically healthy lifestyle. The workshop will include Medicine Wheel teachings, Native American song and dance, and herbal and medicinal plants.

Native Planter Box: Learn how to use a wooden pallet to make your own planter box. Information on the use and purchase of native plants (and their value to native life) will be shared and you’ll take your own box home! **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies**

Nature Impressions Jewelry: This fun, creative workshop involves searching for interesting natural objects in the area and using them to press into clay to create the design. Using simple shapes and tools, we will then cut out a shape, bake the clay, glaze the finished piece, and then use it to make a necklace. 

Outdoor Cooking: Sure, you know how to cook in your own kitchen, but how about outside? This class will discuss outdoor basic cooking techniques, including campfires, camp stoves, cast iron and condiments. Extra bonus: You’ll get to eat some yummy outdoor cooking!

Rag Rug Making: Old clothes, sheets, curtains? Don't throw them away...make rugs, place mats, chair pads! Super easy process with no sewing, braiding, or crochet knowledge necessary.

Shooting Sports: If you have never handled or shot a firearm or are looking for help to "fine-tune" your shooting skills, this is for you. You'll have an opportunity to shoot shotguns, rifles, or handguns. You'll be able to ask questions about "Personal Protection", "Concealed Carry" and more. You have the option to "Shoot" or "Not to Shoot" and we encourage you to openly discuss proper and safe handling of all firearms.  **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies.**​​ 

Signs and More Signs! Here's your chance to create a simple carved wood sign for your home, entryway, or garden. You’ll be using an electric rotary tool and will have all the materials and step-by-step instructions needed to complete your project. You’ll take "your sign" home, ready to display with pride.  **Additional $5.00 to cover supplies.**

Watercolor Painting: Come enjoy the experience of painting the great outdoors in watercolors. Let nature inspire your painting while being guided on techniques while using Chapman State Park as our inspiration. You’ll be surprised at what you can do!

Women’s Kubaton Self Defense Class: Learn how to use an ancient Japanese weapon modified as a harmless key holder to defend yourself against attackers. Learn how to defend yourself using simple but effective ways to defeat punches, grabs and holds. Also covered: how to avoid dangerous situations and react in a confrontation, legal aspects of self-defense, levels of self-defense and directions how to make your own Kubaton to carry.

Yoga: Explore the numerous benefits of Yoga--mind and body--as you are guided through meditation, physical postures, and deep relaxation. All ages and fitness levels are welcome (yes...even beginners).

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